Monday, January 15, 2007

John Edwards Has A Good Week

Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan.

Five weeks after I first wrote about the Democratic Party's Iraq problem and three days after Dick Morris wrote a column titled, The Coming Democratic Civil War, The New York Times is finally getting into the act.

The Old Grey Lady ran an article Sunday titled Democrats are Unified In Opposition To Troop Increase, But Are Split Over What To Do About It.

The Democrats are split about what to do about Iraq? No kidding?

Don't tell John Edwards about any inter-party hand wringing.

John Edwards is the only Democratic candidate for President clearly articulating his opposition to the troop surge AND calling for 50,000 troops already in Iraq to come home immediately.

How long before his clear articulation of the principles of the New Left makes him the darling of the crowd? Not long.

Edwards opposition to the Iraq War escalation might end up being wrong (John McCain has his fingers crossed) but right now his position is looking pretty damn good politically.

All the other Democrats not so much.

Remember, if you oppose the troop surge and you oppose cutting off funding for the whole war (aka bringing the troops already in Iraq home immediately) you are staying the course.

Right now Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Kerry, Clinton, Dodd, Biden, Richardson and Vilsack's plan in Iraq is to stay the course.

Much to the disappointment of the New Left.

Get it?