Wednesday, January 10, 2007

In The Name Of Everything That Is Holy And Mormon Romney Flip-Flops On Iraq!

This is a picture of Governor Romney and two of his wives.

Just kidding. Governor Big Love only has one wife. I think.

But seriously, Love is getting ridiculous.

Totally. Absolutely. Ridiculous.

Governor Mitt Romney is being accused, again, of flip-flopping his positions. This time it’s his position on Iraq.

I guess Romney wasn't content with only trying to put out flip-flop fires on gay marriage, abortion and stem cell research.

Robert Bluey at Human Events Online has the Iraq flip-flop story here:

Two weeks ago, Love told Bluey that he would wait to see what President Bush had to say about Iraq before weighing in with his own thoughts on the troop surge proposal.

A week before that, Love told a gathering in New Hampshire exactly the same thing. I wrote about Love’s trip and lack of an answer on Iraq here:

The big problem, for Romney, is that he is the only serious contender for the GOP nomination in 08’ who did not take a position on the Iraq troop surge.

Well, until Love put out a statement in support of the President’s troop plan this morning that is.

Love’s statement in support of the President’s plan was released before the President released his own plan.

Just like Romney said he wouldn’t do.