Friday, January 12, 2007

Is Jon Stewart Leaving Senator McCain for Mike Huckabee? The Former Baptist Minister Kills On The Daily Show

When lovers fight in public the end of the relationship is rarely far off.

This past fall, Senator John McCain visited Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. You can see the show here:

Stewart and McCain go way back. All the way back to McCain's New Hampshire 2000 run. They are genuine friends. And, they have both benefited professionally from the relationship.

But, during that last appearance, Stewart asked McCain about his "supposed" move to the right to win the GOP Primary, "You're not taking a turn into crazy base world are you?"

To which McCain replied (laughing), "I'm afraid I am."

Ooh. The lovers are fighting.

Stewart must have felt jilted because yesterday the late night talk show comedian "cheated" on McCain by having former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on his show.

The former Southern Fat Boy KILLED it.

Huckabee on The Daily Show can be seen here:

Huckabee is former Baptist minister who was a successful Governor of a southern state that jokes about "passing gas" in the Arkansas legislative chamber, has rock solid GOP credentials and gets a roaring response from The Daily Show audience?

What the F*ck are Romney/Giulianni supporters thinking?

Huckabee proving, yet again, he is the dark horse (Anyone But McCain) candidate.