Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Peter Welch Finally Holds The President Accountable

Today I was asked, "Did you see Peter Welch and the President at The State of the Union Address last night?"

I answered that I had not.

After Bush's speech was finished last night I turned off the TV. I didn't watch as he walked out of the House Chamber through "Photo-Op Alley" while Republican Members mugged him for photographs.

But then I caught this news story about a Republican Congresswoman who was so excited to see the President last night that she held onto him in "Photo-Op Alley" for a full 30 seconds:
Early Wednesday morning, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS showed video of Rep. Michele Bachmann's exchange with President Bush Tuesday night. The video shows Bachmann grabbing onto and holding the president for almost 30 seconds.

Within hours, that video was blasted all over the Internet and viewed almost 250,000 times before the lunch hour. It was linked on national news Web sites and blogs across the country, a New York Times blogger even wrote about the story.
But guess who is COMPETING with that crazy Republican Congresswoman for the President's attention?

Why none other than Vermont freshman Congressman Peter Welch!

Check out the video for yourself (watch the left hand side of the screen).

That's Peter. Grinning like a schoolboy and getting a back slap from the President.

Peter has finally held the President accountable for something.

An autograph.