Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Romney Harnesses New Media For Content Delivery – Unfortunately, Big Love’s Campaign Still Lacks Content

Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

On December 31st, the Boston Globe ran a story about Governor Romney using the web to court GOP activists and likely supporters in preparation of his run for the White House.

You may read the Globe story here.

I am a firm believer that new media will play a large role in the 08’ Presidential. Most campaigns are aware of this and are working hard to make their presence felt on the web.

But the web is a useless tool if you have no message to deliver; it doesn’t matter how flashy your delivery vehicle is.

Good policy makes good politics and content is king. It’s not rocket science it’s politics 101.

Governor Romney is content-light. It’s a dirty little open secret.

He refuses to have a position on the Iraq. He refuses to have a consistent position on gay marriage. He refuses to have a consistent position on abortion. He refuses to have a consistent position on Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan?

That’s right, Governor Big Love has yet to be clear on how he feels about The Gipper.

When Love was running against Teddy Kennedy in 94' he likened Reagan to a "conservative boogeyman". Now that Love is running for the GOP nomination his position on Regan seems to have changed.

A lot.

Which seems to be the case with most of the positions Romney actually takes – they flip-flop.

Which maybe is why Love has a hard time taking positions?

There ain’t no web strategy in the world going to help you with that.