Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Obama Reissues 11-Year-Old Memoir, Dreams From My Father, Proving He Is One Smart Cookie (Not That He Will Actually Run In 08')

Barack Obama will make a wonderful candidate for President. Just not in 2008. He is not ready. He will not run.

This has been my own conventional wisdom for the past 8 months.

And, while I still believe that Obama will not run for President in 2008, I continue to be impressed how he handles his fledgling national organization under the hot lights of nonstop national media attention.

Obama Inc. is incredibly media savvy.

Look at the latest potential PR disaster that his organization defused - The oh my god our candidate used to funnel bourbon, blow rails of coke and rip huge bong hits then decided to write a memoir about the experience! - PR disaster.


Wait, what am I talking about?

Obama partied with Peruvian marching soldiers?

It turns out that 11 years ago Barack Obama wrote a memoir, Dreams From My Father, in which he admitted marijuana, alcohol and cocaine abuse.

The Washington Post has the story here.

Obama wrote the memoir after graduating from Harvard Law School as its first ever African-American editor of the Law Review.

The color barrier that Obama smashed at Harvard Law is nothing to sneeze at, which is why he was asked to write the memoir.

And, as Obama would be the first to admit (clearly), hard drugs played a role in his childhood, which is how the stories ended up in his memoir.

Fast-forward 11 years.

Obama is running for President (just not in 08'). There are 800,000 copies of Dreams of My Father already floating around in America; not a huge number of copies when compared to the 200 million people who vote in a presidential election, but enough so that Hillary Inc. has 3 copies already.

You want to be President but you have admitted in an old memoir that you have blown coke. What do you do?

Obama Inc. orders the memoir's publisher to re-print the memoir.

Obama Inc. puts out a statement on the matter saying, "We believe what the country is looking for is someone who is open, honest and candid about themselves rather than someone who seems endlessly driven by polls or focus groups."

Obama Inc. books Oprah.

Obama Inc. dares any and all in Washington to toss the first stone.

Obama Inc. is absolutely brilliant.

Case closed.