Thursday, January 18, 2007

NH News Links - Because Enquiring Political Minds Want To Know

As a political satirist, I am on a constant quest for information regarding political goings-on from which to spin my merry prose.


For the last 3 months I have been going steady with The Note, Hotline and Drudge. I see John Distaso once a week. Every few days I check in with James Pindell.

Beautiful dates all, but I always felt that I was still missing something.

Last night I discovered that I was.

His name Bill Siroty, an Amherst doctor and one man clearinghouse for political buzz. His website NH News Links is excellent and well organized.

It's a satirist's dream.

Said the Concord Monitor:

Siroty, an Amherst doctor, is the man - and laptop computer- behind New Hampshire News Links, a daily political roundup used by hundreds of reporters, activists and information junkies. That following is about to get a lot bigger, and not just because of the 2008 primary. Last month, The Hotline, a Washington, D.C.-based tip sheet, recruited Siroty to feed a web-based collection of politically pertinent news.

Siroty relies heavily, of course, on New Hampshire and national newspapers for his headlines. But an innate ability to birddog good stories - plus a little help from Google News - allows him to cross oceans with his links. He once included a Prague paper's profile of John Kerry, and he routinely gets e-mails from reporters in Great Britain and beyond.

Feel the junkie buzz yet?

GreenMountainPolitics1 has just added another clacker to its daily Harem. We suggest that you all think about doing the same.