Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Has Giuliani Hired NH Consultant David Carney? (Part II)

Greenmountainpolitics1 generally chooses not to Blog the rumors we hear (and are fed) while skipping along the front-lines of the '08 New Hampshire Primary.

I am a political satirist not a gossip columnist.

However, every so often I simply can't help myself.

A few months ago I was tipped that Rudy Giuliani was trying to hire David Carney of Norway Hill Associates as a consultant for Giuliani's fledgling New Hampshire operation.

My post on that may be found here:

Then, a few days ago a friend of mine in Governor Perry's office in Texas told me that Carney was currently setting up meetings between Giuliani's campaign and Perry's '06 campaign staff (Carney is senior political adviser to Rick Perry).

New Hampshire by way of Texas? Better make sure you lose the San Antonio twang before you go knocking on a Concord door.

So, is David Carney working for Rudy Giuliani?

It would be a very good pick-up for Hiz Honor if true.

Tongues are a wagging.