Thursday, January 11, 2007

Monday Morning Clacker Attacked On Web By Mitt Romney Supporters, Forces Clacker To Seek Sanctuary In Virtual Church

Alright Romney supporters, it's time you and I had a "Come to Jesus" conversation.

I am a political satirist. It says so right on my Blog Profile.

I make fun of everybody.

I make fun of myself, which is hard to do because I'm almost perfect.

I even make fun of Men Of The Cloth, as I know Mitt Romney is. And, let's be honest, calling Mitt Romney Governor Big Love to tease him about his Mormon faith is funny. It really is.

It's also endearing. It makes Mitt/Love seem human to Primary voters in New Hampshire. Voters tend to like that.

And, more good news, good natured teasing takes voters' minds off the fact that Big Love hasn't really taken any positions on the issues.

That's not mean. It's truthful. I was there.

I'm sure Mitt Romney will have a lot to say to New Hampshire voters over the next few months, just as soon as Love and his advisers sort out just what that is.

In the meantime, go with the GreenMountainPolitics1 flow. Stop blowing up my email box with hate mail and just have fun!

Jim Merrill and Jamie Burnett (The Two Js) are opening up Love's NH office. It's a time of celebration! It's Pioneer Day in January!

Now, can I get a ticket to the office opening?