Thursday, February 22, 2007

Barack Obama Begins Fundraising By Trashing Congressmen He Helped Elect

We are cross posting this missive on Daily Kos.

So first some quick background for Kosacs not familiar with our work (we want to dodge a concern troll rating).

1. Yes we have worked for Republican candidates in the past (but we have also worked for Democratic candidates as well).

2. Yes we support the troop surge in Iraq (but we were thrown out of a CIA training program in '02 because of our opporsition to the war).

3. Yes we like and respect John McCain and Mike Huckabee (but we also really like and respect Chris Dodd and John Edwards).

4. We are not currently employed by any campaign or either party (and we'll disclose if we ever are).

5. We have offered to buy Kagro X a beer in NH (he's thinking about it).

So go easy with the concern troll label.

Because we thought you would be interested to know that it looks to us as if Barack Obama is raising money by kicking the hell out of a Congress that he helped elect in '06.

We're not kidding.

From his Obama's latest fundraising letter:

If you're confused about all the debate over Iraq, you're not alone.

People are wondering why political posturing in Washington continues as we get drawn deeper and deeper in Iraq. I hear it everywhere I go.

The House of Representatives took action last week on a "non-binding" resolution. In the Senate, the Republican minority has managed to prevent any vote at all. People perceive that the most important issue of our day has become captive to sound bites and cable news chatter.

You deserve better. You should demand it. (emphasis his)
It's a thick, thick irony sandwich my friends.

Senator Hunk, a rock star on the '06 campaign trail, now attacks the very people he helped elect.

Lest anyone forget- THE DEMOCRATS CONTROL CONGRESS (hence our slogan, the Anti-War Establishment).

And while Harry Reid, the cat herder, has some wriggle room on the Senate side, iron-fisted Grandma Pelosi has got nothing but excuses on the House side.

Same with our neighbor Peter Welch.

We wonder what our very good friend Phil Baruth is going to say?