Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why Does God (and Virginia Buckingham) Not Want Mitt Romney To Be President?

Big Love's lack of '08 traction is starting to affect our ability to make smart people laugh.

Watching Love's announcement speech in Michigan yesterday we had sketched out in our heads a rough draft of what we wanted today's post to look like.

One word - SNARKY.

We wanted to open our post with a tongue-in-cheek description of the scene from the McCain '08 Crystal City headquarters as Romney announced.

We had -

Weaver in the campaign War Room with a white board, frantically editing in real time Senator McCain's March announcement speech as he watches Romney address the Heartland on C-Span.

Mike Dennehy on 15 different cell phones trying to buck up McCain's political support across the nation while yelling at Nelson, "We're HEMORRHAGING!

Brian Jones screaming at his staff, "Get me Williams, Gibson and Katie! We MUST respond!"

Bells going off, phones ringing, TVs blaring and red lights flashing. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Like we said - Snarky.

And, unfortunately for us and our goal of making smart people laugh, completely untrue.

You see, we've always believed that in order to make smart people laugh there has to be a at least a kernel of truth to the joke.

And, after watching Romney's lackluster speech yesterday and having watched the slow moving train wreck that is Willard's campaign for the last three months, the only joke is Love.

Which is sort of ironic given that today is Valentine's Day.

Meanwhile, it's snowing in New Hampshire. Hard. An act of God.

And Love has been forced to cancel his town hall meeting in Hopkinton tonight because of the weather, which must make Virginia Buckingham feel a little self-satisfied Snarky herself.

So as the snow falls outside and we are left to ponder why the good Lord (and Virginia Buckingham) don't want Big Love to be President and what that means for our ability to make smart people laugh, there is nothing left to do but watch TV.

I wonder what's on?