Friday, February 09, 2007

Mark Halperin Reads Our Blog

Yeah, we can't believe it either.

But the proof is in the digital pudding.

This is GreenMountainPolitics1's post on the similarities between George Bush's 2000 campaign and Barack Obama's 2008 campaign that we wrote on 1/16/07.

We insulted just about everyone with that post.

The Left troll rated us on Daily Kos while the Right heckled us on Red State. "Outrageous" both sides screamed. "Bush is nothing like Obama!"

But we never doubted. The Cowboy Governor and Senator Hunk have more in common that either of them might comfortably admit.

And today our gang of 1 became a mob of 2.

Today ABC News Director Mark Halperin wrote his loyal Note readers to ask:

Will Sen. Barack Obama begin to give a stump speech, a la Bush 1999 (but not Clinton 2007) that he will deliver relentlessly the rest of the year and that allows America to get to know his heart (and his head)?
We think the answer to Mark's question is yes.

But right now we're just enjoying the warm and fuzzy feelings of vindication.