Thursday, February 15, 2007

NH Senator Judd Gregg For VP?

Our good friend Cosmo at New Hampshire Presidential Watch always gets it first and generally gets it right.

Which makes him a first thing in the morning, last thing at night must-read for Granite State clackers (and their hangers on).

Cosmo pulled a article from yesterday's Roll Call newspaper titled Senators Eye #2 Spot.

Ah Congress!

As our health care system collapses it seems our Senators have nothing better to do than shuck, jive and BS their way onto a VP short list.


According to the article, NH Senator Judd Gregg is one of the Senators eyeing the #2 slot.

Which leads us to snort in a self-important way, "Heavens to Betsy, why?"

As we see it, the only upside for Senator Gregg running as the '08 Vice-Presidential nominee is that certain members of his staff could (and would) upgrade their Tomcat ways.

Don't get us wrong, being able to ask the working girls in the bar at DC's Prime Rib Restaurant,"Do you want to explore my cosmos in the Observatory?" is probably going to net you a discount.

But is that enough to try to convince your boss to leave his lofty perch in the Senate for a job where his primary responsibility would be hanging around waiting for #1 to get hit by a bus?

Sadly, in this case it probably is.

But before Hiz Honor and Big Love really start talking a Gregg NH Primary endorsement in exchange for the VP spot we would urge them to give The Cowboy Governor (now President) a call and ask him how Senator Gregg's endorsement of George W in the 2000 NH Primary worked out.

We're just saying.