Saturday, February 24, 2007

Giuliani Taking On Water In Connecticut? Well Yes, He's Taking On Broadwater

We love inside baseball politics.

We especially love inside baseball politics on a Friday night when we double-fist Coronas and hold forth in front of a semi-captive audience at Margaritas restaurant in downtown Manchester, NH.


And, considering the fact that the Giuliani camp is rumored to be renting office space directly above Margaritas, our opinions shifted to Hiz Honor in short order.

And our opinion of Rudy Giuliani, as it has always been, is that he isn't going to end up running for President.

Remember when he was absolutely positively going to run for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton?


So let's cut Hiz Honor a break in '08 we say.

He's having fun. Giving speeches. Taking money from the super rich (the donors) to give to the sorta rich (the consultants). Raising his name ID. And taking tough questions from First Responders.

But this doesn't mean that he is running for President.

Now, the Gang of 500 thinks we're nuts. The political operatives we associate ourselves with in NH think we're nuts. And sometimes even we think we're nuts.

"But," we confidently proclaimed while swilling Coronas last night, "until Rudy actually opens the books to show who Giuliani Partners has been laying down with over the last few years, all '08 talk from his camp about how he's really really REALLY running means jack squat."

Because when Rudy has to actually open his books the "I'm running. Of course I'm running. I'm running." stops being fun.

And then we think he folds like a cheap suit.

Here is a tiny "For Example" of the hangover Rudy will have from his past business dealings. It involves a project called Broadwater:

Giuliani is planning on raising a ton of cash out of the state of Connecticut.

The state of Connecticut, as a whole, HATES a proposed Broadwater Liquefied Natural Gas Storage and Regasification Facility in Long Island Sound.

Who does Broadwater employ to sort out all that unfortunate Nutmeg State hatred?

Giuliani Partners, that's who.

We bet the shrimp cocktail warriors in Wilton aren't going to be too eager to pony up Connecticut cash when they hear about this.

We're just saying.