Monday, February 12, 2007

Ron Kaufman's Bad Day

While we scrounge around for tickets to Obama's UNH event tonight we thought we would post this McCain press release that just hit our email box.

It seems Mr. Straight Talk has put together a dynamite Massachusetts team, which must drive Ron Kaufman totally nuts.

While I happen to think Mr. Kaufman is an alright guy - he was the very first person to interview me after I graduated college in 2000 (completely true story) - Ron has to do a better job of pitching Big Love to Massachusetts VIPs than, "Support Mitt Romney because you don't want to let down your former Governor."

Just my two cents.

From Mr. Straight Talk's press release:


For Immediate Release
Monday, February 12, 2007

ARLINGTON, VA – U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential exploratory committee today announced that former Massachusetts Republican chairwoman Jean Inman will serve as chair of the Arizona Senator’s exploratory committee in Massachusetts.

In addition to Inman, state Rep. Paul Loscocco and Sheriff Joe McDonald will serve as co-chairs of the committee in Massachusetts. Republican State Committee Treasurer Brent Andersen and Republican State Committee Member Ed Bertorelli will also join the McCain team and serve as vice chairs.

Inman served as chairwoman of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee from 2002-2003, as well as chairwoman of Senator McCain’s 2000 effort in the Bay State.

“Senator McCain is a true leader who has the committed, conservative principles to win this election,” said Inman. “I respect the fact that the Senator is a man of his word and sticks by his beliefs.”

Rep. Paul Loscocco has served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives since 2001.

“Senator McCain is a common sense conservative who has fought for fiscal discipline in Congress,” said Rep. Loscocco. “I look forward to communicating our shared conservative principles throughout the commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

Plymouth County Sheriff Joe McDonald was elected to that role in 2004. Previously, McDonald spent eight years as an assistant district attorney for Plymouth County.

“Americans need a leader who knows what it means to fight for their country,” said Sheriff McDonald. “Senator McCain is a dedicated public servant respected in Massachusetts for his commitment to defending America.”

Brent J. Andersen is currently treasurer of the Republican state committee, as well as a state committee member.

“Senator McCain has the experience and track record required to represent our nation in the White House,” said Andersen. “Today’s challenges require a serious leader, and John McCain is that leader.”

Ed Bertorelli is a Republican state committee member, and served as Republican state committee treasurer and interim chairman. In addition, Bertorelli is commissioner on the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and a member of the United States National Commission on Libraries and Information Science.

“I am honored to be part of Senator McCain’s team,” said Bertorelli. “Senator McCain is a role model for all Americans and an example of a dedicated public servant that has put his nation first.”

Senator John McCain stated that he was honored to have the support of these key leaders in Massachusetts. “These distinguished leaders will add knowledge and experience to our team in Massachusetts,” said Senator McCain. “I am extremely pleased and honored that they have elected to stand with me.”