Monday, February 26, 2007

Giuliani '08 Brings GreenMountainPolitics1 & Bob Shrum Together On Common Ground. Hell Has Frozen Over!

We're more the David Axelrod type but every once in a looooong while Bob Shrum says something that we consider lucid.

In Stephen Rodrick's excellent piece on Rudy Giuliani's '08 chances Shrum is quoted saying:

“There’s a reason Giuliani’s using 9/11 as an asset,” says Bob Shrum, political consultant to a half-dozen Democratic presidential candidates (not to mention David Dinkins). “It’s his only asset. He’s not even running on his mayoral record. He’s running on a few weeks. September 11 doesn’t change the fact that Rudy has no foreign-policy experience, and his foreign-policy record is limited to having the same position on Iraq as George Bush.”
We completely agree with Shrum.

Somewhere, right now, dogs and cats are living together.

Rodrick goes on:
September 11 or no September 11, Rudy’s still vulnerable on social issues. No matter how skillful his pandering, there are those on the right who simply won’t vote for a pro-choice, pro-gun-control, pro-gay-rights candidate. Giuliani’s supporters like to point out that the South is trending more moderate. Still, Rudy is seeking an office that has been held by a centrist southern Democrat or right-leaning Republican southerner or westerner for four decades. The last president from the northeast was JFK.

It’s true that 9/11 gives Rudy credibility on Iraq, but not much. If the war continues to go badly—as just about everyone believes it will—Rudy’s pro-Bush, pro-surge stance, like McCain’s or anyone else’s, for that matter, could still derail him.
Of course this is no big deal for Rudy because Rudy still hasn't decided to run for President.

Like we said the other day - until Hiz Honor actually opens up the books at Giuliani Partners we're taking Rudy's "I'm running. I'm running. Of course I'm running!" about as seriously as the panel on Meet The Press took Hiz Honor's abortion answer.