Friday, February 02, 2007

Giuliani The Independent?

We know how you feel Mayor.

Newsday Craig Gordon's story on Rudy's latest campaign filing forces us to ask - Is Giuliani's campaign sloppy (as usual)? Or just independent minded?

We already know that his staff is rude (we're still waiting for our apology Katie), but sloppy and/or independent too?

Can't they just pick their poison and stick with it?

From Gordon's story:

Republicans looking at Rudolph Giuliani's campaign for president always ask two questions - is he really running, and is he a "real Republican?"

They're probably not going to like the answers found by Newsday in Giuliani's government filings.

The ex-mayor still is holding back from submitting the simple one-page form declaring himself a possible candidate, despite raising $1.4 million to run. And asked what party he belongs to on a different form, Giuliani didn't say - he left the answer blank.
GreenMountainPolitics1 understands Hiz Honor withholding the form that legally declares his candidacy. While we like Rudy we have always been skeptical that he would actually run for President.

In fact, we've got wagers all over the place that he's not running.

Hey, we've got big mouths and we put what little money we have where those big mouths are.

But even if "Rudy's (non) Run" turns out to be nothing more than a massive ego trip that steals from the uber-rich (the donors) to give to the sorta-rich (the consultants, media men and managers that buzzard around Presidential campaigns), we simply cannot understand why Rudy would not legally declare his membership in the Republican Party.

It doesn't make any sense.

Hiz Honor's explanation of why he didn't declare himself a member of the Republican Party didn't clear up much:
"The mayor continues to be a proud member of the Republican Party, and we are extremely encouraged by the response from Republicans across the country to his potential run for president," Giuliani spokeswoman Katie Levinson said.
Setting aside the humor of Ms. Levinson having to state that Hiz Honor is "really, truly, really-truly a Republican I swear", we still can't understand why Rudy didn't just check the damn box.

Some people are speculating that Rudy didn't check the box because he is going run for President as an Independent.

And, after the lukewarm reception Hiz Honor got from GOP faithful in New Hampshire last weekend, some are arguing that it might not be a bad idea.

But we don't think that Rudy's going to run as an Independent. Actually, we're pretty sure that Hiz Honor isn't going to run at all.

We think that Rudy didn't check the box because his staff is just sloppy.

We haven't seen anything yet from Team Giuliani that would make us change our minds.