Sunday, February 04, 2007

Why John Edwards Will Beat Hillary In 2008 (Part II)

GreenMountainPolitics1 doesn't sit around and wait for Chris Matthews and Brit Hume to tell us what to think.

No way. No sir.

Listening to Matthews winds us up tighter than a top and Hume won't return our phone calls after we accidentally spilled a Bloody Mary on him in the Chevy Chase Club's Winter Room last summer.

Besides, GMP1 doesn't have time to think. We can only react. Like a cougar.

And, our instant analysis of John Edwards' appearance on Meet the Press this morning is that the former Senator did so well that Team Hillary might be knocking back one Bloody Mary too many right now.

Watch yourself Hume.

Unfortunately, spicy tomato vodka drinks aren't going to change Hillary's answer to ending the War in Iraq, which is too far to the right to suit Democratic Primary voters.

Which suits John Edwards just fine.

Edwards used his time with Russert this morning to stoke anti-war passions in the Democratic Party by telling Congress to use its authority to cut off funding for the war, which he argues is the only way to hold President Bush accountable.

He used his speech to Democratic National Committee members Friday morning to criticise a nonbinding resolution expressing the Senate's opposition to President Bush's war policies. Both Hillary and Obama support the resolution.

We agree with Edwards, the nonbinding resolution is worthless.

You can be in favor of a troop surge or you can be in favor of cutting off funding for the whole war but anything else is "staying the course" and worthless.

And, we humbly ask Democratic Party activists where is your moral outrage over the fact that Reid/Pelosi have sold you down the river?

Edwards knows and he is looking to tap into that outrage. Very smart politics for a Democratic primary. And the only way to take down the Hillary juggernaut.

While we do not agree with Edwards' stance on the War (take note Daily Kos member Kagro X), we wholeheartedly support the way Edwards is putting his money where his mouth is and holding himself accountable to promises made by his Party.

We commend him.

We think Primary voters will to.