Friday, February 09, 2007

Mike Huckabee Brings Hope To New Hampshire

Apple Blossom Mike Huckabee came to New Hampshire today to convince voters that he is a solid alternative to Republican front-runners John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Big Love.

And, after meeting Huckabee tonight for the first time, we find ourselves asking (not for the first time), "What in the hell are supporters of Giuliani and Romney thinking?"

Huckabee is great. Really.

And, he is everything that Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are only pretending to be. Which makes Huckabee a very interesting alternative to John McCain.

Which is why the former fat boy and successful southern Governor from Hope, Arkansas began his New Hampshire trip earlier in the day with a Daniel Webster College luncheon with business leaders - a stab deep into McCainiac territory!

We're guessing that he didn't eat very much.

Huckabee then attended a campaign event at the famous Merrimack Restaurant in Manchester where about 60 people, including GreenMountainPolitics1, showed up to join him.

Note to Huckabee's campaign staff - You all could not have been more gracious, which is a nice change from some other staff that has passed through New Hampshire recently. However, you all need to work on learning how to properly set up a campaign event. It was a clusterf*ck in that back room.

Huckabee used his time in New Hampshire to defend his economic record as Governor against attacks from the national anti-tax group, Club For Growth.

We think that attacks on Governor Huckabee's economic record are baseless.

Even the best fiscal conservatives know that there are sometimes circumstances where revenue must be raised in order for government to remain economically sound.

Furthermore, where the hell was the Club for Growth when Fat Hastert and his boys were spending themselves silly over the last six years?

There were right here of course. Welcome to the party guys.

Besides discussing his record as Governor, Huckabee spent time talking about his modest upbringing, the role that faith plays in his life, the importance of healthy American schools (which he ties into his pro-life beliefs) and his struggle to lose weight.

The former Baptist minister even threw in a quote from the Old Testament for good measure.

Huckabee then spent the better part of an hour working the crowd at the restaurant while even finding time to sign our copy of The Way To Win.

Bless him.

It's our humble Yankee opinion that so far this Southerner is doing everything right.

We look forward to seeing him in New Hampshire again soon (we look forward to learning about Huckabee' s next visit as soon as it's scheduled at Cosmo's Presidential Watch. Cosmo is in the know and every operative in New Hampshire knows it).

We suggest that Hiz Honor and Big Love start looking over their shoulders.