Monday, March 12, 2007

The Barest Whisper Of What's To Come

By 7am this morning our inbox was jammed with emails directing us to a Hotline story on Rudy Giuliani's support for public funding for abortion.

Frankly, our inbox was as happy as the Romney camp for some oppo diversity.

We bet that by the time we were sipping our morning coffee Romney and McCain's New Hampshire field organizations were pushing the Hotline story to likely Republican voters so that they "had the information they needed to make an informed decision on Primary Day."

Meanwhile, at Giuliani's New Hampshire headquarters, we bet that the few folks that might have been there this morning were screaming either "INCOMING!" or "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST DON'T CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT!"

Of course, we're not even sure that they have phones yet.

And this is, of course, only the barest whisper of what's to come.