Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is Steve Forbes Rudy's New Man In New Hampshire?

2,368 Internet media cycles have passed since Rudy Giuliani announced his Steve Forbes "Get" yesterday.

2,367 Internet media cycles have passed since opposition research blew up our email box showing Hiz Honor's flip-flop on the Flat Tax issue.

1 traditional media cycle has passed since The New York Times wrote the Flat Tax flip-flop story for those of us without a Internet connection.

We happen to be big fans of Steve Forbes' Flat Tax proposal. No Snark.

And, if Giuliani had to do a little flip-flopping on THIS issue to land Steve Forbes well, we're all for it.

He is America's Lobbyist after all.

But the angle that we think the New Hampshire Gang of 15 is missing (so far) is that Steve Forbes might very well give Giuliani's New Hampshire operation a huge shot in the arm (or at least allow them to start planning their own events instead of showing up at everyone else's).

Candidate Steve Forbes got 13% of the vote in New Hampshire in 2000. Not bad at all.

A senior field organizer for a rival presidential campaign told us, "Steve Forbes is still well remembered and well liked by many New Hampshire voters."

Hey, if your not willing to build a New Hampshire presidential operation the traditional way you might as well try to flip-flop your way into it.