Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What About Fred?

You break into the Gang of Six the same way you break into the Gang of 500 - by having a fresh angle.

Like making smart people laugh. On the ground in New Hampshire. Right through the '08 first-in-the-nation Primary.

The Gang of Six - McCain, Romney, Giuliani, Clinton, Obama and Edwards - continue to park themselves at the top of the polls. There is not much (read: almost no) political oxygen (campaign staff, money, supporters and earned media) left for 2nd and 3rd tier presidential candidates.

Ugly? Maybe.

But as crowded as the '08 field is (really, truly crowded) there is still hope for a Dark Horse candidate to break out.

If that candidate has a fresh angle.

Mike Huckabee is our "Dark Horse" candidate in '08 because we believe that he is the only 2nd/3rd tier candidate on either side that has the experience (successful governor), angle (former Baptist Minister in a field of squishy conservatives) and fundraising ability (Hallelujah!) to break into the Big Six.

But even Huckabee only makes it to the 1st tier if one of the Republicans already there falters. Our good friend Huck is hoping to "Shoot the Moon". Bless him.

Which brings us to former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson and the hype surrounding the speculation surrounding the spin surrounding Thompson possibly thinking about running for the Republican nomination.

Exhausting. And dare we say a bit overblown?

What we know about Thompson is that A. he used to be a U.S. Senator from Tennessee, B. he favors lower taxes, less government spending and strong economic growth and C. Thompson played a Manhattan District Attorney on TV's Law and Order and was in lots and lots of movies.

Setting aside Thompson's page, there isn't much on his resume to distinguish him from any of the other 321 candidates running for the Republican nomination.

Crib Note: No. Fresh. Angle.

While we personally like Fred Thompson (and really like his acting) can anyone really see a Robert Caro type penning three huge tomes on Thompson's life before Thompson even won the Presidency?


There are Senators (and Clackers) and then there are Presidents.

We don't think Fred Thompson is a President.

We're just saying.