Monday, March 12, 2007

Is Rudy Giuliani For New Hampshire's First In The Nation Primary Except When He's Not?

We expect the NH Gang of 15 might make a note of this. We know Harry Levine will.

Rudy Giuliani was a strong supporter of New Hampshire's First In The Nation Primary, as his comment to the advocacy group Victory NH demonstrates:

The primacy of the New Hampshire Primary is a hallowed American tradition that should be preserved and protected... Time and time again, New Hampshire has served as a launching pad for underdog candidates and also to winnow out front-runners who took a Granite State victory for granted.
"Winnow out front-runners who took a Granite State victory for granted"?

Prophetic words from Hiz Honor?

From today's Adam Nagourney story on the presidential campaign strategies for dealing with the new '08 primary calendar:
Mr. Giuliani’s aides suggested they might not spend as much time and money in Iowa and New Hampshire as other candidates, given his potential strength on Feb. 5 in places like California and New Jersey, two states with a more moderate electorate than Iowa and South Carolina.

“We have the ability to play the game a little differently,” said Mike DuHaime, who is running Mr. Giuliani’s campaign. “It’s not a matter of saying the early states aren’t important, because they are. It is just a matter of realizing that, unlike past primaries, there are many more states this year that will help decide the nominee.”
Which is sort of like saying, "Since Mr. Giuliani is the current front-runner go F yourself New Hampshire!"

Isn't it?

We love New Yorkers.