Friday, March 30, 2007

Why Doesn't Giuliani Like Bloggers? Part II

Or, a more appropriate title might be, Why Doesn't Giuliani Like Granting Access to New Hampshire Voters?

Hiz Honor is coming back to New Hampshire on April 2 and 3rd. This is his first trip to the Granite State since he gave a speech here in January.

That's a long time between visits. A real long time.

And, New Hampshire voters remember these things.

But, Rudy is coming back to New Hampshire next week so all will be forgiven and forgotten right?


Hiz Honor's "visit" to New Hampshire next week is nothing more than a Chamber of Commerce breakfast in Portsmouth (read: built in audience in a hyper controlled environment) and a fundraising "something or other" at a Giuliani campaign staffer's house.

2 events. One is a fundraiser. One is a speech in front of a Chamber audience. That's it.

Can you say "New York Velvet Rope Access"?

It sounds like Hiz Honor doesn't understand how New Hampshire voters expect their candidates to campaign. Maybe the NH Gang of 15 should explain it to him?

Noted: Who wants to bet his staff scrambles this weekend and throws a "drop-in" at some Concord store on Monday's schedule and calls it access? We'll take that bet.

Noted 2: We know of a couple of Rudy's NH staffers. They are experienced, good folks who (generally) know the NH lay of the land. So we ask ourselves, why isn't Giuliani's national organization paying attention to them?

What makes all of this even more obnoxious (to us) is that new media is getting no access to Rudy at all on this NH trip.

When we called the Portsmouth Chamber to get our press credentials for the breakfast we were told (politely) that the Chamber was not credentialing any new media folks because "there wasn't room".


"No room" and "no access" - sounds like a winning New Hampshire strategy to us.

See you at the end of April RUDEy?