Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Did We Mention That We Went To Harvard?

That's right, Harvard.

Not as a student of course. We couldn't get in. Even with our good looks and charm.

We went to Harvard on Monday night as press to watch one top level Romney strategist (Alex Castellanos), one top level McCain strategist (Rick Davis) and one top level Giuliani strategist (Chris Henick) get batted around by moderator Mark Halperin and university students at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum at the Kennedy School of Government.

You can watch the video here. The Politico's Roger Simon has the write-up here.

It was awesome. Yes, we're gushing.

The Forum was everything a political junkie could want - The panelists talked easily and well about the political "horse race" and Halperin was a great moderator who kept things moving.

(Noted: Since we are talking about the "horse race" it's only fair that we give you the press gaggle's consensus opinion of which panelist did the better job representing their campaign - McCain's CEO Rick Davis "won" the panel. Davis had the best answers, was the most relaxed and was clearly having the most fun of the three. Our opinion might cause a cheer to go up at the Crystal City HQ.)

(Noted #2: We were more impressed with Castellanos than we thought we would be but we are left wondering why his media/communication savvy doesn't seem to be trickling down so well in Romney's campaign.)

(Noted #3: RUDEy, this is getting ridiculous. Your staff was almost the story, again. You might want to remind volunteers working your sign-up tables that when a voter politely declines to sign-up for updates on your non-run for the Presidency that the staffer doesn't respond in a really obnoxious voice, "Hey, ok, thanks for signing up!" while smirking at their fraternity "bro-bra" buddy. What is it with you New York people?

But back to the great Forum.

Even the students were engaged. Looking around the room we couldn't help thinking, "By God, I'll bet there are one (maybe two) future New York Times Editorial Board staffers in this room!"

Heady stuff.

We even got to introduce ourselves to Mark Halperin of ABC News, Dan Balz of the Washington Post, Adam Nagourney of the New York Times and the entire Fox Cable News Crew from the Boston area (but we missed you Simon, we're sorry! We love your work. Maybe next time).

Not bad for a little blog from NH.

Halperin's throwing another event at Harvard in a couple of weeks with three top Democratic strategists. We suggest you all try to make it.

We will.