Monday, March 05, 2007

The Manchester Union Leader Editorial Page Is Out Of Touch

It's official.

The Editorial Board of the Manchester Union Leader has become something like your crotchety, out-of-touch great uncle who wanders around the basement of your house swinging his cane at the cat.

"I'm still relevant dammit!" Uncle Union Leader roars.

But few seem to think so.

(Please Note that we said the Union Leader Editorial Page and not John DiStaso, who we consider the Dean of the NH Press Corps).

For decades the conservative Union Leader played Kingmaker in local, state and national political races.

Those days are long gone - look at Union Leader endorsements and overall results from the 2006 election.

There is good reason for Uncle Union Leader's fall into irrelevance - their content is out-of-touch with New Hampshire residents.

For example, this nutty opening paragraph in today's lead editorial, Big Government McCain: Campaign Finance Deformed:

As Senator John McCain tries to convince Republicans that he's the conservative candidate for President in 2008, he has an enormous obstacle to overcome. He still does not believe in the First Amendment.
McCain does not believe in the First Amendment?

John McCain is many things to many people (including, to some, a serious pain in the ass) but there is no way that a 6 year Prisoner of War who comes back from Vietnam and continues to serve his country in the United States Congress is anti-First Amendment.

The only people who believe that are hanging out in the Star Wars Bar surfing Red State.

Which, if the Union Leader isn't careful, is the only place they will be sold.