Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sound Smart At This Weekend's Cocktail Parties - A NH Primary Cheat Sheet

We've been told that imitation is the highest form of flattery and there is nothing that we would rather imitate than Mark Halperin's The Note.

On that Note, we've prepared 5 questions that The Gang of 500 should be prepared to answer if they wish to sound smart talking about the New Hampshire Primary at Concord/Manchester/DC/Manhattan/Chevy Chase cocktail parties this weekend.

Questions are ranked from the least important to most important. Our (humble) answers are at the bottom

5. Will tonight's Governor Lynch forum on the the New Hampshire Primary recognize that Wyoming is the most serious threat to New Hampshire's political clout in decades?

4. Will Chris Dodd find traction in New Hampshire at the bottom of a green glass of beer?

3. Will the NH Gang of 15 hear (HEAR!) Mike Huckabee's killer NHPR Exchange interview from this morning and realize what NH GOP Primary voters already know - That it might always be about the money but being the most conservative candidate in a conservative race isn't so bad either, especially when you start as early as Huck has?

2. Does the John Edwards speech on poverty at St. Anselm College tomorrow worry Team Clinton's NH handlers more than Obama's (2.0) NH office opening on Monday?

1. Will a smiling John Weaver step off the plane from Iowa on Friday night in Nashua and stay smiling all the way until Monday morning?

And our answers:

5. Yes, it's almost time to panic. Unless Lynch knows the difference between 1% and 3%.

4. Yes, but it's almost impossible to find running room outside the Dem 3 in this state.

3. No, but GreenMountainPolitics1 looks forward to writing a "we told you so" in July.

2. Yes. Edwards is the biggest threat to Hillary and she knows it.

1. Probably not, but we're going to offer to buy him a Budweiser (bottle) anyway.

Happy Cocktailing!