Friday, May 18, 2007

A Double Mitt-Flop On The Senate Immigration Agreement

We're getting a little burned out on the avalanche of "Mitt-Flop" opposition research that hits our email box every 48-72 hours.

"Mitt flops".

We get it. As does our readership.

So the news that Governor Big Love had "Mitt-Flopped" on yesterday's Senate Immigration Agreement wasn't really news to us at all.

Here is Romney's statement opposing yesterday's agreement.

And here is Ed Morrissey and Soren Dayton taking Romney to task for not supporting an immigration compromise that, they argue (and we agree with their argument), addresses Romney's past stated concerns regarding immigration reform.

Mitt "flopped" on immigration reform to pander to the Republican base. That simply cannot be surprising to anyone. And we hadn't planned on writing a thing about it.

Until we saw this 1994 Romney debate footage, which has absolutely nothing to do with immigration reform.

We are fairly certain (but not positive) that this Romney footage was put on YouTube to show Romney opposing the GOP's Contract With America.

But that's not of interest to us.

What is of interest to us about the clip is "why" Romney opposes the Contract With America. Specifically, when Romney says (oh so convincingly) "I don't like contracts..." I'd rather get together (with both Parties) and work together (to get things done in Washington)."

Ah bi-partisanship. Working together to get things done. In 1994 Mitt Romney was a big supporter.

But then in 2007 Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and John Kyle (R-AZ) worked together to get immigration reform passed and bi-partisanship wasn't so hip anymore.

Same issue. Mitt-Flop #2.

Which is why we wrote long ago that when we listen to Mitt Romney we start looking around for the used car we know we must have just bought.

We're just saying.