Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On To Florida! Let The Sun Shine Down!

The St. Petersburg Times' Adam Smith has a story up about how seriously Rudy Giuliani is taking the Florida Primary.

Give Hiz Honor credit, at least he's taking one Primary seriously.

Because RUDEy sure as heck isn't taking the NH Primary seriously.

We've been reporting that fact for months.

Now our good friend James Pindell is getting in on the action. From today's Primary Source:

Rudy Giuliani’s travel schedule says he is supposed to hold a town hall meeting in Keene tomorrow afternoon. Apparently to Giuliani, speaking to insurance company employees and spouses in the office cafeteria counts as a town hall meeting. Usually, a town hall meeting actually takes place in a real town hall -- or at least a high school gym -- and the public is invited.Peerless Insurance confirmed this afternoon that the event is not open to the public. This means that Giuliani, who has already been criticized for not campaigning among the people, will spend his Wednesday attending a local Republican Party fund-raiser, touring a cabinet factory, and attending a closed-to-the-public “town hall” meeting.

RUDEy might not know any better. But shouldn't his New Hampshire staff?

Two other questions.

When does NH GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen publicly drop the hammer on Giuliani's sham of a New Hampshire campaign?

When does the NH Gang of 15 get fed-up, realize that their relevance is based in large part in keeping New Hampshire first-in-the-nation and do the same?

Tick-tock. Tick-tock.