Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Google, Snow Crash & The Coming Singularity

We can almost hear Neal Stephensen chuckling.

While the political universe is focused primarily on human issues of the past (mostly) and present (somewhat), real game players look towards the future (always).

Which is why a Financial Time's article about the Google Boys' desire to put Google into every single nook and cranny of your life is a (unsettling) surprise to most, but not all.

Those guys are just getting warmed-up. And, by most accounts, we're still a full 15 years away from Singularity.

We've been told that the only constant is change

So the question to political game players is what is "government" going to do to remain relevant?

Of course, we might be "sci-fi" crazy. But then again, we might not.

Welcome to the Monkey House.