Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Richardson Fallout

Folks in the Granite State are more likely to spend Sunday morning watching NBC's Meet The Press.

Even in the middle of a three day weekend.

This past Sunday, sandwiched between backyard BBQs, we caught Bill Richardson's hour long performance on Meet The Press. All we can say is "Thank God for our Bloody Mary".

Richardson was terrible - "Air conditioners"?

And, we weren't surprised when Tim Russert dredged up old Washington Post editorials damning Richardson's tenure as Energy Secretary. The News Hour's Kwame Holman was writing about this stuff back in 2000.

So was the RNC.

Which is why we have never taken Richardson seriously - he failed at managing one executive branch agency so the country is asked to reward him with managing ALL the executive branch agencies?


And, judging by the traffic in our email box, we weren't the only people watching on Sunday. We have gotten a few "Hey, did you see..." emails about Richardson's performance that we are quite sure were not sent by Richardson's campaign.

We wonder if this will cool Richardson off a bit in the Granite State. It certainly won't pick him up any votes.