Tuesday, May 22, 2007

McCain NH Field Staffer Follows Boss's Lead, Engages Romney Campaign

Only one day after John McCain engaged Mitt Romney over immigration, McCain NH Field staffer Matt Flanders decided to follow his (ultimate, ultimate, ultimate) boss into the political fray.

Our friend Jon Martin has the details.

We heard, but cannot confirm, that 21 year old Flanders told McCain National Communication Director Brian Jones, "Don't worry Brian, I've got this one."

And then Matt proceeded to go on the record to The Politico to "sort out" Romney's record on immigration.

Of course we're just kidding. A simple, honest mistake was made. Nothing more.

All Snarking aside, Matt is a terrific kid and well liked in NH political circles. He probably just got a little overexcited getting McCain's message out.

Email can be a dangerous thing. Funny. But dangerous.