Saturday, May 12, 2007

Time For A "Anti-Gucci Strategy"?

"RUDE-Y" is not a new headline Ms. Cox (although we do think you're clever as hell just the same. No snark).

We penned that headline last January. When Katie Levinson proved that RUDEy is all about the Gucci.

Of course, we're sure the NY press has been penning it for years and years.

Noted: GreenMountainPolitics1 will take credit for being the first media "outlet" to describe Giuliani's presidential campaign as "red velvet rope access".

Give credit where credit is due. We learned that lesson back in Vermont.

Noted 2: So, while RUDEy and Katie Levinson run a "Gucci Strategy", John McCain seems quite content to run a "Anti-Gucci Strategy".

We think we know which strategy the Des Moines Register is more fond of.

Take Iowa off the board for RUDEy? We think so.

Meanwhile, back in New Hampshire, RUDEy's New Hampshire Chairman Wayne Semprini is already setting the table too proclaim, "those bastards tricked me!" when it becomes public knowledge that Giuliani is bypassing first-in-the-nation.

Gucci doesn't seem to play all that well in the early primary states.

Time for Hiz Honor to adopt a "Anti-Gucci Strategy"?

Or is it too late?

We're just saying.