Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rudy's New Woman In New Hampshire

Hiz Honor has tapped Ms. Jennifer Hallowell to serve as executive director for his New Hampshire campaign.

Welcome to the New Hampshire microwave.

We're not breaking any news by saying the Team Rudy NH has had a rough couple of months.

NH primary voters can stomach a social liberal (sorta). Where they have difficulty is trying to stomach a man who is not only not running a real presidential campaign - Rudy is running a lecture circuit gig - but who is running that lecture circuit gig far, far away from their beloved New Hampshire Primary.

Even when Rudy is actually in New Hampshire.

We coined the term "Red velvet access" and it's stuck. But good.

Crib Note: The term stuck because it's true. Not because we are clever. Although we are.

Then you have sloppy press releases, rude national staff and a blown office opening due to "technical" (calendar) issues.


GreenMountainPolitics1 does take comfort in the fact that FEC Reports show Team Rudy NH is getting paid very well for all their roughage. And rough passage.

We think business should be good even when it isn't.

And into all this walks Ms. Hallowell, Rudy's new top New Hampshire troubleshooter.

And she's from Indiana. Ms. Hallowell has never worked a day in New Hampshire in her life.

Rudy Giuliani just doesn't get first-in-the-nation. And he doesn't care to.

And we think its about to get a whole lot more toxic in here.

We're just saying.