Friday, May 04, 2007

Instant Analysis Of The Debate After Sleeping On It For A Night

A whole lot of spinning and yapping is going on about the GOP debate last night.

Time for GreenMountainPolitics1 to weigh in (briefly) on the "debate showdown" that will be old news by Sunday lunch:

John McCain settled down in the second half of the debate and ended up doing better than breaking even.

Noted: Inside-the-beltway pundits will shudder about McCain's "Gates of Hell" comment, but we think it's a Primary crowd pleaser.

Mitt Romney also did better than breaking even. He had to.

He still has to. A lot.

Two things about Big Love - First, how much shoe polish did he put in his hair last night to keep it dark?

Second, Love is a gifted public speaker with a good command of the issues, but why is it that whenever we're done listening to him speak we look around for the used car we feel like we just bought?

Mike Huckabee also had a notable debate performance.

Two words - Dark Horse.

Nothing flashy about Huck. Just friendly, competent substance.

In other word, Huck's the exact opposite of Rudy Giuliani, who didn't have a great performance last night.

The New Hampshire gossip this morning (on the GOP side) is the John McCain actually won (by a huge margin) a mock straw poll at an official Giuliani debate watching party last night.

Of course, we're just a Blog so...