Monday, May 21, 2007

Obama's Call To Service

Somewhere in Washington DC (or Harvard) Evan Thomas (and Walter Isaacson) is smiling again.

Evan Thomas is smiling because this past Saturday Barack Obama gave a commencement address at New Hampshire University that delivered a call to service and warned against the dangers of making money.

It's about time.

Not that we have anything against Wall Street (or money). But how boring can you be?

We get it. You're an I-Banker. You make a seven figure bonus and date underwear models. We get it.

Back at the turn of the 20th Century the very best and brightest in America's schools went into public service. Those who couldn't hack Uncle Sam went to Wall Street or Chicago law firms.

The WASP elites weren't perfect (far from it). But they helped set-up an empire that's survived on autopilot for 30 years.

Now we need wonky to be cool again - the new, old pink.

We need our best and brightest in public service once again. Who else is going to tackle entitlement reform, end fossil fuel consumption and overhaul our school system (pre-K through university)?

It sure as heck ain't going to be the guys that the Cowboy Governor brought with him into government.

2007 graduates - Try serving something greater than yourselves. You might find the opportunity to lose the Prozac and Ritalin along the way.

We're just saying.