Thursday, May 31, 2007

What Does Bipartisan Look Like?

Immigration policy is one of the (oh so very few) issues that we know almost nothing about.

We've only really thought about immigration policy once, sitting in "stop-and-go" customs traffic for 3 hours in Baja, Mexico while trying to make a dinner party in San Diego.

Which means we are as qualified to speak to the nuances of the recent bipartisan immigration deal as 98% of the Gang of 500 and 2/3rds of the Presidential candidates.

Snarking aside, "reforming" U.S. immigration policy is an incredibly important issue to millions and millions of people.

Which is why lots and lots of smart people, from across the political spectrum, spent thousands of man hours hammering out a bipartisan immigration reform bill.

So what does bipartisan look like?

Bipartisan looks like Ted Kennedy, Jon Kyl and George W. Bush all working together and supporting the same piece of legislation.

Which is what has happened with this immigration deal.

So, if you're a Presidential candidate running for office trying to score cheap political points by not supporting the compromise, be careful if you start calling yourself an immigration "expert".

Because there are real immigration experts out there that will make you eat your lunch in any arena whose clock goes longer than 15 seconds.

And, for the love of everything in the Book Of Mormon, don't claim you favor bipartisanship. Because you don't.

Buenos noche, Big Love.