Friday, March 07, 2008

Making Smart People Laugh

A few days ago we sat across a dinner table from a Big Foot reporter (no, not our mom) and we got to talking about GreenMountainPolitics1 and our experiences on the '08 campaign trail.

The question that the reporter seemed most interested in was, "Who is your blog's audience?"

And we answered, without missing a beat, "You are."

GMP1 has always fancied itself a campaign '08 blog version of Charlie Bartlett's "Coleman/Bartlett's Washington Focus" - except funnier and more obnoxious, but without Charlie's institutional experience, writing ability and contacts.

In other words, our blog is aimed squarely at influencing the influencers.

GMP1 has an agenda and we push it. Hard. Our soapbox is built on humor, (usually) smart commentary, transparency and as much original reporting as we can get our hot little hands on.

Sometimes we hit. Sometimes we miss. But we always come back for more (and keep our fingers crossed that our readership does too).

We are fond of saying, "When people laugh, they remember." And we like to think that we've made a lot of smart people laugh over the last year and a half.

How successful we've been at actually influencing the influencers is, of course, debatable. We believe that we've been moderately successful. In any event, we've met hundreds of interesting people and carved out front row seats for the greatest presidential election in decades.

Not bad for a humble little Blogspot blog if we do say so ourself.

And we usually do.