Thursday, March 06, 2008

No Longer A Center-Right Country

If Ronald Reagan pulled the electorate to the right, George W. Bush has forced it back to the center.

America is no longer a center-right country. It's a center-center country.

And the Republican Party needs to really (!!!!) think about what that means moving forward.

Lower taxes, less spending and strong national security are good issues for the Republicans (particularly spending and security), and will help secure its rapidly aging base.

And in many instances it's perfectly fair (and effective) for the GOP to label a Democratic opponent as someone who is "far left" and "out of the mainstream".

But changing voter demographics are rendering the creaking, groaning Republican Party more and more impotent by the day.

Which means that the Republican Party must broaden its appeal to attract new, younger voters if it wishes to remain relevant in the 21st century.

Which is one reason why we jump up and down about the need for the GOP to adopt a progressive energy/global warming policy - in the interest of national security - that will appeal to younger, more independent voters.

Because who doesn't favor ending our dependence on dirty, finite fossil fuels while at the same time strengthening our national security?

Raise your hand.

That's what we thought.

Sorry Exxon-Mobile.