Friday, March 07, 2008


It's not Code Pink/Daily Kos talking points, but it's honest.

What Ms. Powers should have followed with is: "In January of 2009 the American national security establishment will tell the new President of the United States, 'Um, Mr. (Madam) President, buried under Iraqi sands is 1/3 of the world's proven oil reserves. Our troops aren't going anywhere while the U.S. is still addicted to fossil fuels'".

Everyone knows this. Even if the Democrats don't want to talk about it.

What we don't understand is why Team Clinton would pick a fight with Team Obama over the above clip.

Yeah, we get it, short term political gain with the far Left of the Democratic Party (read: those who vote in a Democratic Primary).

But does the Democratic Party really want a fight this close to the general election (and with the GOP nominee already set) over who is more "rigid" (read: specific) when it comes to withdrawing large amounts of troops from Iraq?

By picking this fight doesn't Clinton start boxing herself in in a big hurry over what she's going to do in Iraq if she is President? And isn't she setting herself up for a "Read my lips, no new taxes" moment for her re-elect?

Of course, in 2006 the Democratic Party swept to power by promising to "hold Bush accountable in Iraq" to "change the direction" and to "bring the troops home".

And Reid/Pelosi have yet to be held accountable for not delivering what they promised.

So we wonder.