Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Arrogant Bunker Mentality"

On Meet this morning Mitt Romney again called on Mike Huckabee to apologize for Huck's recent criticisms of certain White House foreign policy decisions.

Specifically, Willard has his boxers in a wad over Huck's comments that the Bush White House occasionally acts with a "arrogant bunker mentality" that has damaged American prestige around the globe.

Does anyone not agree with Huck's comments about Bush and his team (besides the guy trying peddle and pander his way to the GOP nomination)?

Does anyone not remember the neocon clowns who had the run of the White House, the Navel Observatory, Foggy Bottom and the Pentagon from (about) 2001 to (about) 2006?

Blundering. Whoopsie daisy. Clowns.

So seriously, raise your hand and prepare to get laughed at if you don't and you can't.

Because we're laughing at Willard every single day.