Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Huckabee Apologizes To Mitt Romney (And Some Extra Clacker Commentary)

Forget our usual snark for a moment.

Forget our usual dislike of Mitt Romney for a moment.

Forget about what the NYC/LA/DC based Gang of 500 thinks or doesn't think about all this.

Forget about what we personally think about all this.

And personally, we couldn't give a sh*t one way or another about a candidate's religion (unless it's Scientology, that's where we draw the line).

This story is an unmitigated DISASTER for Mitt Romney.

Because now, thanks to this tempest in a teapot over what Huckabee said to the NY Times reporter, the entire political press corps has carte blanche to cover every single last angle of Romney's religion.

And they will.

So now the voters in Iowa and South Carolina are hearing "MORMON!" every time they see Mitt Romney's face on TV.

And in Iowa and in South Carolina, even in 2007, that is going to hurt.

And it's going to hurt bad.

h/t Marc Ambinder for the video.