Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Is Fox Hosting A New Hampshire Debate On January 6th? (UPDATED)

Rumor alert.

Everyone knows that ABC/WMUR/Facebook is hosting a Granite State debate on January 5th (Rs & Ds).

GMP1 is now hearing that Fox wants to host their own debate the following night, possibly at St. Anselm College, just for the Republicans.

We're all for (substantive) debates, but this might be a little much.

Rumor, rumor on the wall, is this total baloney?


(UPDATED) One of our best friends in NH (and one of NH's best reporters) writes to tell us that this story is "so a couple of weeks ago".

And to prove his point, he shot us the article that he wrote about the competition between ABC and Fox over the January debates back in November.

Point taken.

And, by all accounts, it looks as though the ABC debate has won out over the Fox debate.

But, we are still hearing that several GOP campaigns are keeping their January 6th schedules flexible in case the Fox debate happens.