Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Night Where Clacker Learns That He's Not 22 Anymore. Or In Special Forces.

This post has absolutely zero to do with politics.

Thank God.

Because we're quite sure that we couldn't put two coherent sentences together right now (although some of our readership would probably argue that it's par for the course).

Last night, at the Pioneer Saloon in beautiful downtown Ketchum, we fancied ourself back in college.

As we sat drinking "The Bar" with six members of a West Coast SEAL Team come to town to celebrate the wedding of our friend.

Absolutely great guys. Top shelf.

Noted: Topics of conversation: Iran, McCain, Secretary Rice, Washington DC not being a meritocracy, skiing v. snowboarding.

And this morning two things are abundantly clear - we're not 22 anymore. And we're certainly not SF (they were all up at 7am for a "easy hike" up 3,000 vertical feet of rock, just because).

But last night makes one hell of a story.

Now where is the aspirin?