Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Union Leader Tees Off On The Guy They Didn't Endorse

Didn't Senator Gregg already live this nightmare with George W. Bush? In 1999?

No matter.

The UL, which has already endorsed Johnny Mac for President, is out this morning with a scathing editorial hitting Mitt Romney for failing to stop undocumented workers from laboring at his "sanctuary mansion".

Joe McQuaid writes:

Here is what is wrong with Mitt Romney's "sanctuary mansion'' problem: For someone touting himself as a brilliant manager, he has fumbled badly an issue that should have been easily resolved long before now.

Romney can't plead ignorance or blame his aides for this one. He was told last year about the illegal aliens doing lawn work at his Massachusetts mansion. Having taken a hard campaign line on illegals, one would think he would have been smart enough to end that lawn service immediately.

Instead, we find out that Romney kept the service and, sure enough, two of the workers interviewed at his home just last week freely admitted, when asked, that, yes, they are illegals.

Romney's excuse that he was giving the firm a "second chance'' and demanding legal workers or else just doesn't wash. Seeking a second chance to exercise poor judgment in a campaign is foolish; and the owner of the service says Romney demanded no such thing anyway.

Romney is trying to win a Presidential race by convincing people that he knows how to run a business, or at least a campaign. If this is an example, it's not working.

We would have to imagine that it is not a happy morning in the Gregg press office.