Saturday, December 08, 2007

"Happy Holidays And Peace On Earth" From The Guy (Gal) Who Kicked Your Teeth In On The Front Page Of The Washington Post!

December is Christmas card time in Swamp City.

And, speaking from personal experience, the holiday cards are already flying fast and furious.

Noted: The A-list cards aren't coming to us. Good heavens no. But we've managed to get our hands on several. Er, right place, right time?

And the thing that makes us laugh (hard) is how many Beltway political bruisers are sending out silly "pictures of my family/look at the snowman wearing a Santa hat/wow what pretty holiday colors!" cards.

In other words, Merry Christmas and please ignore the knife that I left in your gut on the newspaper's Op-Ed page last weekend.

It's a knife fighter's Christmas.

Now pass the eggnog.