Friday, December 07, 2007


We don't like polls.

Especially Iowa Caucus polls with margin of error of 7 points.

But this new Iowa poll is worth pointing out.

If only because Iowa Team Romney has to be in a full blown panic.

Full. Blown. Panic.



(UPDATED) The very talented and smart Marc Ambinder asks if this Newsweek poll is really a gift for Mitt Romney because "it's always easier to beat expectations when you're expected to lose".

Marc raises a fair point.

If Mitt Romney hadn't already outspent Mike Huckabee 2,431,674,273,193,124,686 to 1 in Iowa.

And if Mitt's path to the nomination wasn't built around coming in 1st in the Iowa Caucus.

If Mitt loses Iowa to Huckabee it will be an unmitigated disaster for Team Romney.

No matter what the Gang of 500's expectations may or may not be.

No snark.


(UPDATED UPDATED) Mark Halperin weighs in and asks "What if Huckabee wins Iowa and McCain wins New Hampshire?"