Monday, December 17, 2007

We Love You Too George

Halperin has George Stephanopoulos' network news remarks on Mike Huckabee's new Christmas ad:

ABC: Terry Moran from NH covering Lieberman-McCain endorsement, called overall GOP race a “culture clash” between conservative Christians (behind Huckabee) and fiscal conservatives, still up for grabs. Moran called new Huckabee ad “extraordinary” for including Christ reference. Also mentioned Romney ad and brief NH visit by Giuliani, scored because he didn’t take questions and that “doesn’t go over well.” Kate Snow reported from Iowa, mentioned “softer side” Clinton rally and new TV ad, plus new Obama ad.

ABC’s Stephanopoulos called Huckabee Christmas ad “just ingenious,” will make any Romney attack ads appear “Scrooge-like.” Gibson also mentioned Paul’s huge best-in-show fundraising take.

Now where did we read that already today?

Oh yeah!