Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hey Big Spender?

This story will not win us a Pulitzer.

But what the hell, it's fun.

Last night, GMP1 joined several people at Manchester's Commercial Street Fishery for drinks.

Noted: It a very good restaurant. Centrally located. Good food. Absolutely perfect for all the Gang of 500 expense accounts about to come flooding into town the night of January 3rd.

When we took a break from merrymaking and stepped outside the restaurant to enjoy a cigarette (live free or die), we were joined by a member of the Fishery wait staff who was also intent on enjoying some tobacco.

And the two of us got to talking.

It turns out that the Fishery is a popular spot with candidates and their campaign staffs.

But our smoking friend remembered two candidates in particular - Hillary Clinton, because of her Secret Service protection. And Barack Obama, because one night he and his staff stiffed the bar totally on their bar tab and left only "about 5%" on a large dinner tab.

And our new friend was absolutely fired-up (get it?) about it.

Completely. Hilarious.

For everyone except the wait staff at the Fishery.

So here's a free tip to everyone running for office - tip large and tip visibly. In fact, tip very large and very visibly.

Hillary Clinton knows the score.

We think Obama might start too.