Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spread Holiday Cheer. Correctly.

A reader asked us to post this.

And we will. Happily.

It turns out that every year thousands of holiday care packages and cards are sent to "A Recovering American Soldier (or some variant of)" by well meaning citizens.

It's a great idea. Service men and woman in our hospitals need all the care and love that we can give them.

Unfortunately, this is a problem.

And in response, a 2001 Department of Defense policy forbids the delivery of generically addressed mail to service members.

Instead, the DOD asks that holiday cheer makers go here to find out ways that they can support our troops during the holidays and throughout the year.

So go ahead and spread the cheer.

You'll be happy you did. And (more importantly) so will the people on the receiving end.

Just make sure you do it correctly.

Happy Holidays everyone.